We want to hear from you! You can reach us anytime by email at:

jeremy@alternativemissions.com  or melissa@alternativemissions.com

You can also call us from the states. Our cell phone numbers here in Roatan are:

Jeremy - 011 (504) 97-73-14-97

Melissa - 011 (504) 96-65-36-64

You can find us both on Facebook

For letters and packages, please shoot us an email and we can get you in touch with one of the many short term teams and or visitors that we see here on the island. Mail is pretty expensive and due to so many people coming and going, it's easier just to send things with friends.

Our current address is: Lighthouse Estates #4, West Bay, Roatan, Honduras, C.A. Sending mail is not advised as the likelyhood that we will ever see it is slim to none. However, if you'd like to come on down for a visit...you know where to find us!